TEVA Project

We wish to stop the recent proposal submitted by TEVA Pharmaceuticals to create a 1.5 million sq. ft. warehouse in Warrington Township.  The land in question is located at the corner of Lower State Road and Limekiln Pike and will consist of 156 acres. Initially, two structures are to be built that will reach a staggering height of 8 stories tall (85 feet) to accommodate warehouse equipment and storage. There are no buildings located in the local vicinity that match the height and volume of these structures. 

The TEVA facility is not in accordance with Warrington Township's Plan for Future Growth which states to "create a community with maximum concern for those qualities which will enhance the townships value for residential uses."  Some of the land in question is still zoned as residential and TEVA is working hard to change the zoning laws for this land so it can be part of their expansion.  The re-zoning of this land must be rejected to preserve the intent of this community to "minimize friction between land use while enhancing the townships value for each type of use."  In addition to changing residential lifestyles and lowering property values, these warehouses intend to run 400+ trucks out of the facility which is open 24 hours a day.  This will enhance the already growing problem we face with traffic congestion in our area and considerably add to noise and air pollution.


 This fight can be won!!  We can still make a difference. 

Please contact us to stay informed of the latest details of the project and donate to help in our legal and public relations initiatives.  It is not too late to show your support.  Thank you!! 
 Our petition is still open....please sign it here.
Teva says they will recommend their trucks utilize the new 202 Parkway from County Line Road. County Line Road will be 2 lanes in each direction but the 202 Parkway will only be 1 lane in each direction.  Teva will funnel 2 lanes of their truck traffic into 1 lane on the 202 Parkway.  Teva's people do not seem to realize this:

Teva doesn't understand the 202 Parkway......